Susy Feastly Iphone

Finding your next meal has never been easier.

Feastly is an app designed to solve the tedious problem with deciding what or where to eat in a fun and exciting way. You simply swipe on the recipes or restaurants you see in the app, either alone or with your friends.

How to use feastly?

Ipone swiping right

Swipe right on the food you like to save it.

In the “Discover” page you can find loads of inspiring recipes and restaurants in your area. If you like something simply swipe right or press the “heart button” and the recipe will be saved in the “Saved” tab. To view a recipe just tap the card.

If you press the Toggle button in the top you can switch from Recipes to Restaurants in your area.

Group feature

Feastly is more fun with your friends & family!

You can use feastly with your friends and family and swipe together. In order to swipe together you simply press the “Group” tab and either input the code of you friend or press “Invite friend” button to connect to the same group.

Find relevant
restaurants in your area.

Instruction view nr 1

Press the “Toggle” button in the top of your screen to find restaurants in your area to swipe on.

Instruction view nr 2

When you see a restaurant you like you can tap the card to get more information about it’s location.

Instruction view nr 3

If you are traveling somewhere you can already now start discovering what restaurants you can find in that area.

Instruction view nr 4

If your swiping as a group and two or more like the same restaurant you will get a match and know where to eat.

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